Wednesday, November 26, 2014

how to accessorize your wedding dress with earrings and jewelry
Photo of Taylor Schilling via Harper's Bazaar

Today we're dreaming of scoring a few pairs of ear crawler style earrings and asymmetrical earrings during this week's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. While scanning some of our favorites shopping sites, a vision of a stylish bride wearing this style of earring on her wedding day popped into Camille's mind. And now we are officially obsessed! These earrings are a unique solution to sometimes boring or personality-lacking earrings that we see brides' sometimes feel obligated to wear. With pearls, jewels, and silver or gold finishes, ear crawlers and asymmetrical styles still have a classic aesthetic with a touch of edge. Perfect for a subtle, yet stylish statement!

What could be better?

Would you consider wearing earrings of this style on your wedding day? If so, Camille hand picked a few of our favorites for you that are totally wedding day approved-

Monday, November 24, 2014

Real Dress Theory Bride Nell in Sarah Seven

real sarah seven bride
{All Photos by Jamie Clayton Photography}

Our beautiful Nashville bride Nell tied the knot this summer in her "Violet Hour" wedding dress by Sarah Seven. Nell had been to our shop before she was engaged when one of her friends was dress shopping. After her own engagement, we were SO happy to see Nell back in the shop when she began her own wedding dress search! By the end of her appointment it was clear this romantic, classic gown was her gown! We were so excited to see one of our favorite Nashville photographers Jamie Clayton photographed her beautiful Colorado wedding, and we couldn't imagine Nell in a more perfect dress for her wedding. From the blush bridesmaid dresses and lush, organic flowers, we love everything about their wedding day! Our sweet bride is a florist, so of course she had a wedding that is out of our dreams! Congrats 

sarah seven bride

long blush pink wedding dresses

seattle bridal shop

wedding dresses seattle

sarah seven violet hour wedding dress

unique wedding dress for outdoor weddings

And for any other brides to be out there planning their wedding right now, we have a little bit of advice for y'all from Nell!

What was your favorite part about planning a wedding?
My husband and I had so much fun planning our wedding. I would have to say that my favorite part of the planning process was picking out the flowers! Being a florist myself, I had so much fun getting creative with different colors and textures. They were more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed! 

Any advice to future brides?
The biggest advice I have would be to prepare for your marriage just as much as you prepare for you wedding day. We knew that a lot would change after we got married and we wanted to have realistic expectations of the joys and challenges of marriage. It has definitely helped us so much in these first few months. We love being married!

What was your favorite part about shopping with us?
I loved shopping at the Dress Theory because it felt so laid back and stress free. Every single dress was so beautiful, it was so hard to decide!

What three words would you use to describe your gown?
Elegant, whimsical, unique!

How did you know your dress was the one?
I knew my dress was the one because it was like no other wedding dress I had seen before. It fit me perfectly, I felt like a princess, and let's be honest, I teared up a bit. I think that's how you know it's the one.

Happy Tuesday everyone! See ya soon!

The Dress Theory

Friday, November 21, 2014

Accesories For Backless or Low Back Wedding Dresses

After our brides choose their wedding dress, we love to see how they are going to style their gowns with accessories to add their personal touch. Accessories are key to making the gown completely your own! Backless and low back wedding dresses have completely stolen our attention (and everyone else's it seems like), there is no denying what a beautiful statement these gowns make. Once brides have been measured and we've placed their orders we've noticed brides are often confused about what to do next with their gowns. From what undergarments or veil they can wear or how to style their backless wedding dress to best suit their personal and wedding style. To inspire your own wedding day look, Camille styled a few of her favorite backless and low back gowns with beautiful, effortless solutions for adding that extra personal touch with accessories on your wedding day!

Back Drop Head Chains
what to wear with your low back wedding dress
With such an attention grabbing back like this deep v on Susannah by Johanna Johnson, Camille loved the idea of pairing "Radiant" by Amanda Judge, a head chain with an interesting back dangling design available at our boutiques or online here. The vintage inspiration behind this headpiece style is a perfect fit for the luxe silk of this Johanna Johnson gown. Just like so many of our favorite low back dresses, this style of headpiece is subtle and glamorous from the front and impactful and stylish from the back! This extra back dangling detail really takes a headpiece to the next level, making it a stylish statement for our fashion forward bride. There are a few truly gorgeous options out that, whether you are looking for a more delicate or a more dramatic look.  If you can't make it into a Dress Theory boutique don't you worry! Here are a few more of our favorite back detail head chains to help recreate the look in your own way-

Lariat Back Drape Necklaces
lariat necklace for backless wedding dress brides

Lariat necklaces that fall down a bride's back in a low back gown can be difficult to find, especially ones that are as elegant and stylish as our brides! But finding the perfect one for your gown is worth the effort. The look is incredibly beautiful and unforgettable. Having the lines of the necklace fall down your back also helps break up the openness of a very low back or backless gown for brides that feel like it's too much skin. The necklace can soften the look of the deep back  in the most beautiful way. Just like if you have a gown with a deep-v neck or strapless neckline, the right piece of jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch. And one more way to make your wedding dress feel just like you! Plus it's never a bad idea to turn to some of the most fashionable ladies of the red carpet for fashion inspiration! From Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawerence, we are certain the back necklace really takes their red carpet looks to a whole new level. Unlike many trendy accessories, this style is no trend that will look outdated in your wedding photos in a few years. It's a piece that is incredibly classic and sexy! Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana were a fan of the look and the perfect proof of the timelessness of this unique way to accessorize a gown. If you don't live in Breakfast at Tiffany's, inside of a royal palace, or on the red carpet your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to sport this look. And with so many beautiful low back or backless option at our boutiques, we'd love to help you find the perfect gown and back drape necklace! And if you do live in a palace or spend your evenings on the red carpet we should totally be friends. Thanks! Here's a few of our favorite options around the web right now (and a fun insider tip, any longer necklace without a lobster clasp or obvious closure can be worn draped down your back or any lariat that you need to tie or not can be too) -

Hairstyles for a Low Back Dress
low back wedding dress hairstyles for brides

romantic loose braid for a brides
All photos by Will Vastine for The Dress Theory

If simplicity is more your thing or maybe you just have really fab hair you need to show off (hey when it comes to beautiful hair we are firm believers of "if you got it, flaunt it"), how you choose to style your hair can be a perfect way to highlight the gorgeous back of the dress. Camille asked one of our favorite wedding hair and makeup artists, Amanda Gros, to create a loose and romantic braid. A long, loose braid keeps your hair from hiding the dramatic back, but also softens the look more than a more traditional updo would. We love the idea of the braid letting your back peak through at certain points and completely showing off the back at other times. The combination of the eyelash lace and the messy braid creates a look that is just as sexy as it is soft and elegant. And one that will be completely unforgettable and unique! 


Shortly after deciding on a low back gown, brides usually start looking into what kind of undergarments they can wear under their wedding dress. And while this is not as glamorous and fun as other accessories, it's important! We often hear brides mention Spanx. We are not against shapewear on your wedding day for a seamless look if you prefer, but there is no way to wear them under a backless or low back gown! In order to avoid any lines, we recommend everything by Commando. For the top half, great alterations and fine tuning are your best friend. They are essential to a good fit! A qualified seamstress will have recommendations and options she can build into your gown's cups for support and coverage. If you are looking for a little extra something, don't be afraid to try inserts for extra push up.


At last but certainly not least, veils! Don't be afraid of wearing a veil on your wedding day eve with a low back wedding dress. With any detailed dress or interesting back details, we usually recommend a simple cut edge floor length veil. A sheer tulle veil won't hide or takeaway form the back. The longer veils that are at least floor length or longer won't break up the back with extra lines like a shorter fingertip or elbow veil might. Instead of creating extra lines and taking away from the back of your gown, a long simple veil will create a soft frame and that extra special bridal glow. Not to get too cheesy on you! But trust us, it's true. For most of our gowns we recommend keeping your veil simple and light. You might regret not wearing a veil one day but you will never regret wearing a style that's clean and classic. And you only have to wear for a few minutes! Here are a few of our favorite veils -

We hope some of these ideas and tips help inspire your wedding day style plans! Wedding dresses with low backs (or completely backless) are some of our favorites in our boutiques right now, and we hope this post helps any brides feeling intimidated or confused on how to personalize their wedding dresses when it has a unique cut and style. When you've seen so many strapless wedding dresses, sometimes it's hard to know where to begin with accessories once you've found a unique gown! 

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#NYBFW Favorite Trends - Blue

Blue Silk Underlay via Claire Pettibone

A little "something blue" has been a part of wedding tradition much longer than any of us have been dreaming of wedding dresses. There is something about blue wedding gowns, no matter how subtle or bold, that feels like the perfect blend of bold and daring, yet classic and traditional. Wearing blue on your wedding day is a great way to pull off a colorful gown. And if your opinionated Aunt has anything to say, we recommend quoting the good old "Something blue" rhyme with a sweet smile on your face and enjoy your day! If you've ever dreamed of wearing blue (or if you are starting to now), it's the perfect time as there were so many gorgeous shades of blue on the runway this Fall at Bridal Market. We were especially fond of the blue silk underlays at the Claire Pettibone runway show. The silk lining felt like a good balance between blue and white for a wedding dress in our opinion! And another option that we completely fell in love with, is this one from one of our newest designer's we picked up at market, Christos Collection -

Mint and Ivory Layered Tulle via Christos Bridal 

This is perfect a bride looking to add a subtle touch, but still have a gown that feels ivory overall! And while we know mint is more of a green, we still felt like this was a perfect example of this trend all our brides can actually wear! A layer of the prettiest shade of mint tulle is layered with soft ivory tulle, creating a subtle illusion that adds a extra dose of personality and uniqueness to this gown. The longer we watched this gown move around and watched as the mint shown through in certain lights and showed up with certain movement, the more we fell in love! 

And if incorporating your "something blue" into your wedding gown isn't quite your style, here are a few of our favorite blue pieces out there right now. From asymmetrical earrings perfect for a fashion forward bride to the prettiest blue bridesmaid dresses for your favorite ladies -

Monday, October 20, 2014

#NYBFW Favorite Trends - Metallic

We're finally back from New York Bridal Fashion Week. It was a blur, but the best kind. There were nonstop fashion shows, taxi rides, buying appointments, and parties. While the whole bridal market is a fun and beautiful experience, we also take the entire trip very seriously as we have to trust our gut instincts on choosing gowns while balancing what we know our brides what and need. Each market there are gowns that shock and leave us speechless. While we love those pieces for "fashion for fashion's sake" purpose, we always try to keep in mind what our real brides want. Even though we have a unique, fashion forward bride, our stylish ladies still want to feel like a bride in some little way. And of course we have a blast with those show-stopping ensembles at trunk shows and special events, but we painstakingly try to curate a unique selection of truly beautiful and memorable high quality wedding dresses that will allow our brides to feel like themselves as a bride on their wedding day. Captivating metallic laces, fringe, and trims were one of our favorite trends from #NYBFW that we felt was both unique, yet still classic enough for a wedding day look she'll love for years to come. These gowns were some of our favorites interpretations of this trend by our designers. And this last one with the rose gold bodice and sweet bow to soften the metallic detailing is by one of our newest designers we are so excited to welcome to The Dress Theory family - Truvelle

Stay tuned this week for more of our favorite moments and gowns from Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week! We hope our brides love what we've handpicked just for them. And if you have a minute to spare, check out our exciting announcement

PS If you are loving the new Johanna Johnson gowns as much as we are, we hope you'll join us for a private appointment during our Johanna Johnson trunk show November 14-16!

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